What's New


I just visited with Pamela Arsenault and Becky at the Morro Bay Jewelers in Morro Bay! What great ladies ! I had been told to contact Pam last year, and finally connected. Please visit this neat jewelery store to see some of my favorite new pieces.


Nick Nourot's sister, Lois Baeta graciously allowed my to post photos of her and her two darling daughters at a wedding in Maui. I made custom jewelry for them for the occasion, but of course, Lila wore her favorite Chalcedony faceted teardrop piece.


Nourot Glass Studio

Nick Nourot has just relocated to 637 First Street in Benicia, CA.

This will be a temporary location until he finds a new site that will accommodate his studio and glass blowing facilities. I brought in new glass and crystal jewelry pieces an met his sister and his niece, Lila.

Lila was wearing my  3 strand faceted teardrop Chalcedony necklace. Her mom sad it was her favorite, and wore it all the time! She looked absolutely adorable and consented to a  photo for my website.


I just met with Karina, owner of A. Feliche`, Inc. in Fresno and she will be carrying some of my custom jewelry in her boutique. There aren't many outstanding clothing stores left in the valley, so I am so happy to be connected with her wonderful collection. For elegant formal wear, hers should be your first stop,


We just returned from a 3 week trip to the New England States and up into Canada. I had the chance to visit many great boutiques, jewelry stores, gift shops and galleries. I made many contacts and hopefully in the future might be able to do business with some.
In the mean time I will be joining my sister-in-law, Barbara Wheaton, in setting up a jewelry booth at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego for the ACSA convention. It will be Nov. 6th & 7th. 


 Claudia Alcala of Sand to Glass in Monterey at Cannery Row is closing her business after much consideration. It was a hard decision for her and I will surely miss working with her and wish her the best.


I just heard from Ericka Engelman Couture this week that they are closing their doors in Carmel Valley at The Crossroads. Ericka will continue her business from home but I will need to find a new avenue for my jewelry in Carmel and Carmel Valley. I wish Ericka all the best. She is such a wonderful artist and great friend. I certainly enjoyed our partnership!


Kinsley James Couture

I am so excited that I have met Dawn & Amber at Kinsley James in Walnut Creek this week. They just opened in March. Two sister-in-laws that were involved in event planning and now have a new bridal shop in Walnut Creek. Please check them out and ask for custom jewelry by Jill Bugni!!


Sand To Glass

It's our 45th anniversary and were stayed at a wonderful place in Pacific Grove. I had stopped into a great store in Cannery Row on our last visit a month ago, Sand To Glass. The store clerk, Hannah, introduced me to one of the owners, Claudia Alcala. Her husband, David is a glass artist, instructor and author. Claudia was wonderful to talk to and said I could stop by in June to show her some of my pieces. So today was the perfect opportunity. She had many customers and still managed to see many of my sea glass and shell designs. She chose several for her shop and I am thrilled to have my work in a Monterey store again. Claudia is such a terrific person to work with. I am looking forward to visiting again in several months. Thanks Claudia!


I was browsing in Carmel Valley late last year and came upon a wonderful shop, Ericka Engelman Couture. I was greeted by the most delightful, talented woman, Ericka herself, that took time to take a look at some of my jewelry. Since then I have met with her co-owner, Dee, another great woman! They design and tailor the most amazing clothes, from wedding attire to casual elegance, art in themselves, so I am thrilled to add some of jewelry to their collection.


2 New stores at the coast!

First, thanks to Barbara at Orloff's for telling me about Eastom Jewelers in Pismo. Turns out that the owner, Debbie Eastom, and Barbara worked together in Fresno at Warner Company. Barbara thought that my Sea Glass and Shell collections would be a fit in Debbie's store, and she was right. She was so nice and I am looking forward to adding different collections to her store in the future. 

Then --- I was checking out Cambria again and stopped into Teresabelle Gallery. I had tried to set up an appointment many times with the owner Jani and it never seemed to work out.  Luckily, Jani was in and made time for me to show her my Sea Glass and Shell Pendant collections. Another good fit! A perfect place, and another super woman. And she had three of the most adorable, well behaved dogs. One was named Sierra, just like our little rescue dog. She chose many pieces and even gave me a couple great ideas to work on. And her interaction with customers was spot on, helpful, upbeat, with just the right amount of attention. Just the kind of shop that brousers love to linger in. So I have lots of work to do to get more pieces made for all my new stores for my next visit.


I have now gotten several sets of my jewelry in Orloff Jewelers in Fresno. It has been a long time since I have had a store in the Fresno area since Barrett's closed. Orloff's has been in the Fig Garden for many years, but recently moved to their new location at the old Warner Company building on the front corner at Shaw & Palm.  Please stop in and meet with the great staff and check out my pieces in the $500 & Under section as well as the window displays! They have done a wonderful job and I appreciate their help and support. 


I met with Adriana Roeloffs from the Dutches in Carmel Plaza on Ocean & Mission in Carmel. It has been a long time, so I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. She bought several necklaces and I promised to bring in some purses next time. I need to make some really different ones for her since her by-line is "Distinct Clothing & Accessories Collection."


I met with Chris Unick, buyer for several stores in The Forum Shops at Caesars in Las Vegas. He is planning to open a new store in the Venetian Resorts before Christmas and hopefully I can be included. It will feature fine luggage, purses, belts and a small amount of jewelry. I think it will be Corsa Collections again.


I just finished adding to my new Leaf Pendent Gallery!

A real leaf is picked and hand painted with a copper metal paint. Then electro form 24KT gold is processed onto the leaf, preserving it in pure 24KT gold with several choices of pigment colors.

I selected irridescent and antique copper and gold patinas.


Sierra has been helping out again! And my grandson, Bryan, is enjoying her selections.

These are a few of the new Sea Glass Collection that I have been working on. Check out the Gallery!

I have been finishing my fall season jewelry with the help of our rescue dog, Sierra.

Sierra has been helping to select her favorite jewelry. She was not interested in the simpler pieces, but chose the 3 stand green pearl necklace with the large pearl drop.

Lots of new jewelry has been added to the Nest, a great boutique in Pacific Grove, on Grand Ave. Phyllis has a wonderful collection of unique clothes and bridal wear.

Check out my latest jewelry designs in Benicia's Nourot Glass Studio.

This nationally renowned gallery has had works commissioned for the White House as well as the Vatican. Owners Michael Nourot and his wife Ann Corcoran are located in Benicia, CA, at 675 H Street. 707-745-1463. Be sure to take time out to watch any of the great glass blowers in action!

One of the stores in the Bay Area told me that my necklace was worn to the Oscars this year! It was purchased especially for the event by the CEO of a very large corporation.